Caicedo Productions is a privately-owned New York corporation established in 1990. Caicedo Productions is a full-service boutique studio that develops, finances, and produces and markets quality films and theatrical productions. The company’s mission continues to be that of providing creative and technical space for writers and visual artists from inter-related genres (i.e. theater, film, video, and television). It seeks to have them shared and cooperatively develop their concepts in an environment that seeks to support and bring to the audiences their “minds eye” creations.

In order to retain lower film budgets, Caicedo Productions maintains a talented in-house creative staff to originate scripts and development materials. Because of this, Caicedo Productions can defer much of the development monies spent on outsourcing story and acquiring scripts, thereby allowing the company to keep film budgets at a profitable level.

Caicedo Productions is a solid competitor in the theatrical, film, and television industry. Since its founding in 1990, Caicedo Productions has produced over 25 theatrical productions that cover a diverse range of ethnic themes and presentation formats and has a wealth of experience developing new artists and an astute appreciation of diversity in the arts.

Caicedo Productions’ film and theatrical triumphs include the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival and The ONE Festival; which have received a multitude of acclaim from various newspapers and Proclamations from Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez, Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito and Senator Jose Peralta for the dedication to the community and the arts.


Veronica Caicedo: Founder (Chief Executive Officer)

Xavier Santiago: Festival Director

Jose A. Esquea: Artistic Director

Ernesto Matos: Editor & Live Streaming Director

Omayra Casiano: Technical Director

Eugene Abreu: Design Director

Damaris Abreu: Web Admin

Kawsar Siddik: Web Developer

Camila Ceschin: Box Office

Lizeth Pasco: Production Assistant

Michelle Becerra: Consultant

Ernesto Malave Jr. : Consultant

Mia Rodriguez: IBE/Program Coordinator

Ricardo J. Salazar: Volunteer